School of Architectural Engineering Held a Drawing Contest


In order to enhance and strengthen the ability of students to read and draw professional drawings, to improve the students' professional quality and knowledge accumulation, and to select excellent students to participate in provincial and national skills competition school of architectural engineering held a drawing contest. After more than a month of careful preparation by teachers and students, in late November 2018, school of Architectural Engineering organized the Architectural Engineering Cartographic contest under the leadership of the Cartographic Association. Community guidance teacher Xu Han, Xue Bifang gave careful guidance to this contest.

This competition simulates the examination form of the vocational skill contest, which is divided into two parts: the written drawing examination and the CAD drawing, which not only investigates the students' reading ability of architectural engineering drawings, but also simulates the real examination atmosphere for the students as much as possible. A total of 30 students participated in the competition. After three hours of fierce competition, Li Hong, Wang Xiaolei won the first prize, Lu Guangrun, Li Ke, Zhu Yifan, Wang Chunling won the second prize, Bochi, Wang Sheng, Yang Wenye, Cai Zheng Tao, Dong Kuo, Wang Zhao won the third prize.

This architectural engineering drawing reading contest has fully tested the students' learning results, strengthened the students' consciousness of combining theory knowledge with skill practice, and fully demonstrated the students' good vocational skill, comprehensive quality and mental outlook.


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