Business School Held a Special Lecture on Employment Education


On the evening of April 23, the business school held a special lecture on employment in the lecture hall on the fifth floor of the library, more than 190 students of accounting, logistics, e-commerce and other majors attended the lecture. This lecture was delivered by Tong Yinhan, Training Department Manager of Jiangsu Pilot Talents Development Co., Ltd.  

Focused on the topic of college students' first job selection under the new situation, the manager started by introducing the difficulties faced by China's human resources, and analyzed the impact of the birth rate on the job market. He told students that young people born after 1995 are becoming the main force in the workplace, students as the main body of the times should actively understand the requirements of this era to talents. Then, using the ability quality model theory, manager Tong explained to the students the quality of talents valued by the enterprise, and encouraged everyone to strive to upgrade all kinds of skills and make themselves a high-quality talent during the university period. He also recommended some employment channels to the students. According to him, the ever changing requirements for working ability are making new technologies and new skills more necessary, students should build up their life-learning awareness and keep on learning to survive the stiff competition in the future.

The lecture is among our 2019 career guidance series.Through the lecture, students understand the demand for talent in the job market, and plan their university career and professional career in a more rational and scientific way .

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