Listen to a Lecture on How to Sing Ancient Poetry


On the afternoon of May 27, the singing of Kun Opera floated out from the conference room on the eighth floor of Yingtian Campus Building from time to time, injecting melodious songs and infinite elegance into the silent campus. Jiangsu Open University (Jiangsu City Vocational College) 2019 Reading Festival expert lecture series were held here as scheduled. Teachers and students from the Institute of International Education, the School of Arts, the School of Information and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Institute of Education and the Library gathered to share the cultural feast.

Professor Xie Yufeng of Nanjing University was invited to give the lecture. The theme is: Ancient Chinese Poetry and its Singing. From three aspects: the definition of ancient Chinese poetry, the singing of ancient Chinese poetry and the relationship between text and music in ancient Chinese poetry, Professor Xie systematically described its rhythmic beauty, tone beauty and formal beauty. Through the analysis of examples and live singing, he explained the function of ancient Chinese poetry preaching with music and the characteristics of singing according to sound law. He said that ancient Chinese poetry was dominated by text and music, and formed a unique singing method according to the phonological characteristics of Chinese language, which is our national culture. We have an obligation to study, inherit and carry forward the elite.

Xie Yufeng, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Literature of Nanjing University, was selected into New Century Talent Support Program of the Education Ministry  in 2008, the outstanding young and middle-aged subject leader of Nanjing University in 2010, and training target of the 333 training project of Jiangsu Province in 2011, mainly engaged in the research of ancient Chinese drama, ancient literature and so on.

It is reported that the third expert lecture in the library will have Mr. Zhang Guang, a famous literary critic, professor and doctoral supervisor of Nanjing University, to give lectures on Korean drama and female literature.



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