Business School Held a Competition for Innovative and Creative Scheme Design


In order to further improve students' innovative awareness and hands-on ability, Business School launched an innovative and creative scheme design competition in mid-April. The competition was hosted by the Patent Design and Innovation Association. At noon on May 15, the contestants presented their works separately. After being reviewed by professional teachers, the works of Xu Dandan, Yang Huihui, Xu Chunjiao,etc. won prizes respectively.

In order to answer students' inquires and improve the quality of the competition, the association organizes special training before the competition. Bo Bin, a guiding teacher, explained the contents of the competition in detail, combed the design ideas of the creative scheme for the students, and suggested that the students should set up the consciousness of solving practical problems, rely on the existing technology, and think about the innovation scheme according to the specific requirements of the patent declaration. He also suggested that students should develop a good habit of paying more attention and thinking frequently in their daily life, and solve practical problems with professional or cross-professional knowledge.

After the training, students searched for material of innovative design and formed a plan based on study and daily life. Yang Huihui from 2018 Logistics Class 2, concerned about burglary prevention, designed an intelligent package with both anti-burglary and personal protection functions. For the sake of the convenience of family life, Xu Chunjiao from the same class designed the sound control automatic cleaning trash can, which integrated the function of the sweeping robot to realize being on-call. At the same time, the robot could extend two mechanical arms and clean the corners difficult to reach.

Fifteen innovative programs in the competition showed the rich imagination and innovation of the students. With the help of mentors, the winning scheme of this competition will be further improved and declared for national utility model patents.




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