Congratulations: A Major Breakthrough in National Fund Projects of JSCVC

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Recently, the list of projects of the National Social Science Foundation and the National Natural Science Foundation of China has been announced, and a total of four national fund projects have been set up at JSCVC. Among them, “A Study of the Legal Principle in Das Kapital and its Modern Significance”, led by Luo Zhengyan, Institute of Public Administration, was established as a normal project of the National Social Science Foundation. ” A Study in Key Technology of Rapid in Situ Monitoring of Nitrate Nitrogen in Water Body by Mid-infrared Attenuated Total Reflectance Spectroscopy” by Gan Fangqun from Institute of Environmental Ecology. “Research on Uncertainty Analysis of Geotechnical Parameters of Soft Soil Based on CPTU Test and Identification of Foundation Pit Deformation Risk”led by Lin Jun, Institute of Architectural Engineering, “A Seismic Performance Evaluation and Displacement-based Anti-seismic Design Method Based on the Displacement-Resistant Design Method of the Sea Bridge” by Yuan Jun have been approved as projects of Youth Science Foundation of National Natural Science Foundation. The total amount of funding is 910,000 yuan. This is the first time for our projects to be listed as national fund projects, achieving a major breakthrough.
    The National Social Science Foundation Project and the National Natural Science Foundation Project are the scientific research projects at the highest level, of the strongest authority, with the greatest influence and the highest attention in the field of social science and natural science, respectively. They are important symbols measuring the scientific research capacity and scientific research management level of colleges and universities, and have attracted much attention over the years. The establishment of the national scientific research project marks a new level of our scientific research.
    In recent years, JSCVC has attached great importance to the cultivation of high-level scientific research projects. From 2018 to 2019, a total of 23 scientific research management policy systems were promulgated, giving full play to the incentive, guidance and guarantee role of the system, and initially establishing the expert consultation of the secondary college for the declaration of high-level projects, the point-to-point support of the science and technology department and the face-to-face guidance of out-of-school experts. A number of high-level project declaration mobilization meetings and training sessions, doctoral symposiums, doctor salons were held, for project declaration in the field of characteristic research and disciplines. We have identified key personnel, focused on mobilization of declaration, hired out-of-school experts to carry out project pre-trial and guidance, for each declaration, we have  multiple times of communication with the teacher to improve the quality. This year, JSCVC has launched special work such as pre-research of state-level scientific research projects, continuously increasing the cultivation of high-level scientific research projects,  laying a solid foundation for the emergence of more high-level projects, high-level achievements and high-level awards in the future.


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