Good Results Achieved by Our Students in the 11th Knowledge Contest for College Students in Jiangsu Province (Liberal Arts Group)

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In the 11th Knowledge Contest for College Students in Jiangsu Province (liberal arts group), JSCVC created good results with 4 second prize winners, 19 third prize winners and 88 excellent awards winners, the university was awarded as an Outstanding School.

The The Knowledge Contest of College Students in Jiangsu Province (the liberal arts group) is held jointly by Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, Jiangsu Higher Education Institute and the Organizing Committee of Jiangsu College Students' Knowledge Contest. The contest covers knowledge in natural science, scientific method and scientific spirit that liberal arts college students should possess in their future work and life. The purpose of the contest is to fully implement the educational policy of the Party and the country, to improve scientific literacy of liberal arts college students and to cultivate the innovative and specialized talents necessary for meeting the needs of the future social development.

A total of more than 50,000 college students from 100 colleges and universities in the province participated in the contest. In addition to individual awards, there are also group awards, outstanding school awards and outstanding organization awards. On October 19, the final and award ceremony were held on the Jiangsu Education TV Station. The top seven undergraduate students and the top 2 junior college students who won the first prize in the written test, a total of the 9 contestants competed for special awards on the spot. Gu Yihao, from Nanjing University, took the first place. 

The outstanding achievements of JSCVC in this contest are attributable to the importance that we attach to the cultivation of students 'general education, quality education and the reform of talent training mode which is effective. 





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