Gu Xinhua, the Ombudsman and Secretary of Discipline Commission of the University, Carried out a Thematic Education Research

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2019-10-15Set Up

On October 15, Gu Xinhua, the ombudsman and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, went to Logistics Office, Infrastructure Construction Office, Finance Department, Bidding Management Office and the New Campus Construction Command to carry out a thematic education research.

Based on the subjects concerning integrity of infrastructure construction, Gu Xinhua, in-depth interviewed with Li Jian, Chief of the Logistics, Xu Hao, Financial Director, Cao Yong, Deputy Director of Infrastructure Construction, and Hu Dahua, Director of the Discipline Inspection Committee to investigate about the lay of land, particularly the construction of the new campus, and integrity risk prevention and control in the course of construction. He also investigated logistics, engineering audit, project bidding system, and analyzed the implementation, improvement and existing problems of the system, and put forward instructions on the prevention and control of integrity risk. Targeted opinions and suggestions have been made. Gu Xinhua also went to the East Campus to investigate the use and management of laboratories and classrooms.

Staff of Logistics Office, Infrastructure Construction Office, Financial Department, Bidding Management Office and Discipline Inspection Committee participated in the investigation.



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