An Ideological and Political Observation Carried out in the Class of College English

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2019-09-24Set Up

On September 24, Chen Min, a teacher from Institute of Foreign Languages, gave a lively college English class for ideological and political observation to freshmen of Class 2 majoring in Accounting in Room 107 of Dinghuai Men Campus. Revolving around the topic of Why do we learn English , teacher Chen carefully designed classroom activities. With the aid of mixed teaching method, language materials, audio-visual resources and curriculum platform, she tactfully combined ideological and political education elements together such as Chinese and Western cultural differences , cultural conflicts , good Chinese story , adhering to cultural confidence ,aspiration and mission , not only developing students' language skills, but also imperceptibly implementing ideological education. 

As a beneficial attempt to implement curriculum ideological education, this activity has explored  a new mode for this purpose and promoted the improvement of curriculum ideological and political education. 

To follow-up, JSCVC will continue to promote ideological and political education and reform teaching, run the ideological and political elements through the whole process, generalize the theory to all courses in an all-round way.




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