Team from School of Information Engineering Won the First Prize of 2019 National University Student Software Test Competition, Jiangsu District

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Co-sponsored by Ministry of Education, Teaching and Guidance Committee of Software Engineering, Union of China Software Testing Institute, Software Engineering Professional Committee of the Chinese Computer Society, Professional Committee of System Software of Chinese Computer Society, and Fault-tolerant Computing Professional of Chinese Computer Society, Tuosi Cup National University Student Software Test Contest, co-organized by Nanjing Mooctest Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Tuosi Software Science Park Co., Ltd., successfully ended on November 3, 2019. After fierce competition, the team from information engineering school of JSCVC, instructed by Song Jinguo, Song Fei, and Liu Tiantian, stood out in more than 300 participating units, winning 2 first prizes for team and 1 second prize . 

The contest includes items on mobile application test, embedded test, self-controlled test, developer test  and Web Security Test , which aims to investigate test planning capability and automatic test capability of students on mobile application software as well as their collaboration and organization within a team.  Xu Jing, Li Xiang, Li Minhui, Kang Shikai and Zhang Wenlong, majors of software technology, grade 2017, participated in the contest in two teams. The team of Kangshikai and Xu Jing won the first prize and obtained the qualification to enter the national finals as Jiangsu Provincial representatives. Xu Fangfang, Lin Chen, Wu Yifei took second prizes.

The School of Information Engineering has always attached great importance to skill contests and are actively prepared for the competition, instructing teachers use their spare time to  guide the participating students carefully for more than four months, all the efforts finally pay off. This contest sets up a stage for students to display their skills, which benefits more students. It also clarifies employment needs of enterprises, and further promotes  teaching reform and improvement of teaching quality.


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