JSCVC Students Won the First Prize of the 10th FLTRP Cup National Higher Vocational College English Writing Contest, Jiangsu Competition

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONG Times:2019-11-25Set Up

On the morning of October 27, the 10th "FLTRP Cup" National English Writing Contest for Higher Vocational Colleges in Jiangsu Competition was held in Suzhou Vocational University. Xing Huali, a student from Software Technology Class 1 of Information Engineering School and Zhang Jiaying, from Interior Design Class 1 of Architectural Engineering School , participated in competition as JSCVC representatives, winning the first prize and the second prize respectively. 

The FLTRP Cup National English Writing Contest for Higher Vocational Colleges is co-sponsored by the Steering Committee of Education Ministry for Foreign Language Teaching and Research in Vocational Colleges together with Foreign Language Teaching and Research Publishing House. This national authoritative and professional English writing contest is held in order to examine students' English application capability and cultural literacy with professional puzzles, competition system and evaluation method, it guides higher vocational students to improve English written communication in an all-round way. 

To get fully prepared for the competition , School of Foreign Languages, led by office of academic affairs, on the afternoon of April 24, organized a qualification trial within the university to select three excellent seeded players , and entrusted four experienced teachers to provide intensive training. After nearly six months of tension, two players were finally chosen to participate in the competition.

Through this competition, we’ve  presented the English writing ability of our higher vocational students and the results of our college English teaching reform. The competition will further stimulate the initiative and innovation of English course reform, improve English application ability and comprehensive professional competence of our higher vocational students.





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