JSCVC Produces TV Series “The Power of Faith”


The 20-episode TV series the Power of Faith, developed and produced by JSCVC, have been officially aired on Channel 4 of China Education Television since December 1, 2019, at 8 o'clock in prime time. This is the first time that our TV film has been broadcast on China Education TV Station.

Based on the Story of Chinese Communists published by China Fangzheng Publishing House, the series tell the stories of 20 martyrs who died at Yuhuatai. Taking the life story of a martyr as a clue, each episode lasts ten minutes. In recent years, we have been insisting on our educational aspiration and deeply excavating Jiangsu local red resources. By shooting red culture series TV films, telling Jiangsu red stories and vigorously carrying forward red culture, we manage to make red culture more available and accessible to ordinary people in Jiangsu through social education. The production and broadcast of the TV series the Power of Faith not only provides valuable local red resources for the ongoing theme education of not forgetting the original ideals and aspirations, bearing in mind the mission, but also makes contributions to the propaganda, promotion and inheritance of Jiangsu red culture in the new era!

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