Our Cooperative Research Center of Accessibility Environment Construction Was Invited to Participate in a Seminar on the Construction of a Barrier-Free Model City in Shenzhen

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The Cooperative Research Center of Accessibility Environment Construction of JSCVC was invited to participate in a seminar on the creation of a barrier-free model city in Shenzhen. Focusing on the theme of Building a barrier-free world to be shared by all, a number of authoritative experts in the field of accessibility at home and abroad gathered in Shenzhen. They put forward initiatives such as building an international alliance of barrier-free cities by means of keynote speeches, round tables and experience of barrier-free culture, exploring paths, strategies and key difficulties of the construction. In this event, Shenzhen Disabled People's Federation, representatives of Shenzhen National Model Leading Urban Establishment Promotion Association, domestic and foreign barrier-free promoters read out in multiple languages the Shenzhen Declaration on the Construction of Accessible Cities, and issued the Overall Planning on Accessible City of Shenzhen(2020-2035).

Zhou Xuyang, Chen Congjian and Yan Ying, three comrades from our Cooperative Research Center of Barrier-free Environment Construction were invited to participate in the seminar. Professor Zhou Xuyang delivered a keynote speech on General Design and Development in the Construction of Accessible Cities .

As a new urban form, barrier-free city shows the new concept and mode of urban development in the future, it symbolizes city progress and has become an important way of urban development. Our collaborative research center actively participates in the establishment of barrier-free national demonstrative city in Shenzhen and cooperation is on the way.





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