Teachers and Students from Institute of Design Attended a Symposium on Design Innovation for Jiangsu Time-honored Brands.


On the afternoon of December 21, 2019, advertising design and production majors, led by instructors Zhou Ying, Wang Yiyi and Ouyang Yujing, participated in a forum entitled Design Innovation for Jiangsu Time-honored Brands at Nanjing International Expo Center. 

The symposium was sponsored by Zijin Cultural Creation. Hu Jinsheng, Deputy Director of Circulation Industry Development, Department of Commerce, Jiangsu Province; Cao Fang, Professor of Nanjing Institute of Art, Ph. D. supervisor, AGI member of the International Graphic Design Alliance; Zhu Jun, Chairman of Jiangsu Hangang Cultural Development Co., Ltd.; and Bao, Manager of Suzhou Qianshengyuan Food Co., Ltd were invited. Director Hu first mobilized and launched the forum, elaborating on the process of the competition and award setting , encouraging students to take part. Mr. Cao shared the design experience of old brand, new vision with the students. Combining with the old brand innovation cases at home and abroad, he told the students how time-honored brands should continue to thrive through innovation and how to create different ideas, so that the old brands can be skillfully blended into a modern age while retaining their distinctive traditional culture. Zhu Jun put forward his viewpoint of new cultural creativity plus new retail. Designers should also revolve around food, shelter, traveling, shopping and entertaining, give priority to basic necessities of life. Bao told the story of 100- year- legend of pastry  renewed”on the brand of Suzhou Qianshengyuan, depicting a blueprint of new digital retail transformation of old brands . He acutely indicated that renaissance of old brand owes to the consumption driven by its cultural attributes. 

During the meeting, they viewed the shortlisted works of Zijin Award Design of  Old Brand Customization Competition including the works of Huang Zhichao, Qiao Weihong, Li Meng, our advertising design majors . Students have not only improved their professional skills by attending Zijin Award competition, but also have got inspirations from collision of ideas at this symposium.


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