Yuan Wei, a Teacher from School of Architectural Engineering was Present at APFIS 2019 International Conference in Australia

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Yuan Wei, a teacher of School of Architectural Engineering of JSCVC, went to Australia to attend the Asia-Pacific Conference on FRP in Structures (APFIS), which is an official meeting of International Composite Material Society aiming to promote the research and application of composite materials in bridges and architectural structures and to improve the seismic performance of important structures such as cross-sea bridges. The conference lasted from December 9 to 14.

15 topics were discussed at the conference which related to material bond slip behavior, seismic performance in the whole life cycle of structures, structural design methods and design principles, FRP-concrete structure properties etc. 126 experts and scholars from 12 countries participated in the conference and conducted profound academic exchanges. 

At the Congress, Dr. Yuan gave an academic report on the title FRP confined hybrid reinforced columns: concept and preliminary validation, introducing the concept of a new type of composite column with FRP constraint and internal hybrid reinforcement. He put forward two kinds of hybrid reinforcement schemes. The purpose of this new type of FRP constrained hybrid reinforced composite columns is to obtain excellent seismic self-reset ability and post-earthquake functionality. The report was affirmed by scholars from all over the world who threw out constructive suggestions as to its realization method and application value after in-depth discussions were made.

 This international conference shows the frontier dynamic information in the field of composite structure. It not only provides teachers with the opportunity to show their own image of scientific research, but also promotes the development of scientific research in this field. 


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