Profound Sentiments between Alma Mater and Alumni -- Institute of Education Holds the First Alumni Fund Donation Ceremony

Views:45Author:YAN XUERONG Times:2019-12-24Set Up

On the afternoon of December 23, Wu Jianjun, alumnus of grade 1999 donated 2,000 yuan to the institute as development fund which is mainly used for sports team construction. The donation ceremony was held on Yingtian Campus. Yu Jinyuan, secretary of the Party General Branch of Education Institute , He Kang, vice president of the Institute and Wu Jianjun were present. The ceremony was presided over by He Kang.

Comrade Yu Jinyuan presented a donation certificate to the alumnus on behalf of the institute. He thanked the alumni for their gratitude to their alma mater and generous contribution. He said, the benevolence of alumni will enhance confidence and motivation of the faculty and staff to continue their efforts to cultivate talents. The institute will live up to their expectations, make good use of the funds, further strengthen ties with alumni, fully mobilize alumni, society, and other resources to build a better institute. Wu Jianjun recalled his college career and thanked his alma mater. 

The development of Jiangsu Open University is inseparable from the support of alumni which is highly appreciated by the university regardless of the amount of donations, whether or not to donate. 



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