Together in the Same Boat, Offering Mutual Support —— JSCVC Teachers, Students and Party Members Actively Donated Money to Support the Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak Prevention and Control


The outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia has touched the hearts of the whole country. At present, the prevention and control work has reached the most critical stage, the situation is still serious and complex. In order to support the fight against the epidemic with practical actions, recently, the college Party Secretary Wang Jianming, Principal Cui Xinyou and other school leaders initiated donations which was quickly followed by a vast number of teachers and students. This donation also affected the hearts of retired party members and cadres of the college who have also dedicated their love and contributed to the fight against the epidemic. By March 3, the school's 578 teachers and students and party members made voluntary contributions. A total of 84.393 thousand yuan has been handed over to the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of Education.

Before this donation, our party members had lent a helping hand, through various channels, they spontaneously gave donations, showing the determination to fight against the epidemic.

We surmount the epidemic by uniting our strength in times of difficulty. Active donation fully expressed our strong desire to fully support the epidemic prevention and control, our teachers and students practice the initial mission with practical actions by taking initiative to contribute to the fight.

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