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After the Science and Technology Award Conference and Innovation Working Conference of the whole province was held, the Party Committee and the Administration of our university attached great importance to the implementation of the work. After listening to the report on the essential of the conference, we were explicitly requested to strengthen the dissemination of science, technology and innovation policies and formulate relevant implementation rules. We will pay close attention to the promotion of key tasks such as industry-research cooperation, transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The vice-principal in charge of scientific research personally interprets the policy of Science and Technology Reform 30 for school professors, and sets up the Office of International Co-operation and Exchange jointly composed of the Science and Technology Branch, the Personnel Affairs Department, the Finance Office, and the Office for International Cooperation and Exchange. A joint working group of relevant functional departments in schools, such as the tendering and bidding management office. After extensive research and advice, relevant documents, such as the implementation rules (trial), on deepening the reform of science and technology system and mechanism to promote high-quality development, were issued in Jiangsu Open University (Jiangsu City Vocational College). The formulation of these documents is not only the implementation of the 30 scientific and technological reforms of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, but also the further combing of the school's scientific and technological policy so as to further improve the scientific research system of our university. 

In the light of our actual situation, the documents focus on releasing the vitality of scientific and technological innovation of teachers and students of our university, mobilizing the enthusiasm of teachers and students for innovation and entrepreneurship, speeding up the implementation of the project of improving the university with science and technology put forward by the second Party Congress of the university, and marking great efforts to open up a new situation in scientific research work.

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